Junior Golf

Junior Golf Development Program

The Shady Canyon Junior Golf Development Program is ramping up for 2012 with new activities.

A Junior Golf Team was organized in 2010 to practice, play, and compete against other teams and golf clubs in the Southern California area. The team is comprised of players from varied age groups. The groups are boys and girls ages 16-17, 14-15, 12-13, 11 & under. We have qualifying rounds for the team and any current Junior Club Champion in their own age division is automatically part of the team. It is a great way for your children to meet other juniors at Shady Canyon, improve their game, showcase their skills, and compete representing your Shady Canyon Golf Club.

Another new activity will be the Junior Stroke Play event. This will consist of 9 holes being played each month and properly recorded. The scores will be added up for an aggregate winner at the end of the year. All players will get points for participation and monthly winners will get additional points for merit. The more you play the more points you can accumulate. This activity will help juniors become better players, learn the rules & etiquette, and be better prepared for the Junior Golf Team and the annual Junior Stroke Play Championship each summer.

Junior Golf Camps

Golf is one of the most difficult and most rewarding games we can play competitively and socially. The game of golf teaches us values that will carry into our daily lives and help mold each player into a better person as well as a better golfer. Shady Canyon Golf Club offers winter and summer Junior Golf Camps and Clinics to players between 6 and 16

  • Etiquette-Golf is one of the few sports in which etiquette is both taught and required. The lessons learned by playing golf will carry on into daily life and tell much about a player.

  • Integrity- An intangible attribute that can only be learned over time. The entire game of golf hinges on the ability of an individual to play by the rules and act appropriately. The pressure to be honest is hard to teach and an incredible lesson to learn.

  • Honesty- One of golf’s strengths is its honor code. No other sport is so heavily reliant upon self-penalization. There are no referees on the golf course. Young players must know the rules and penalize themselves when necessary. The identification of right and wrong builds character.

  • Fun- Golf is a sport as well as a game. Though the game of golf cannot be won, we play the game for the challenge. Make sure to always have FUN!